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Antox Drop


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Healwell Antox Drops

Indications of Healwell Antox Drops

After effects of Narcotics

Other Indications of Healwell Antox Drops

Toxic & side effects of nicotine and alcohol.

Craving for nicotine and alcohol.

Tremors, Insomnia, anxiety in alcoholics and smokers.

Action of Composition used in Healwell Antox Drops

Caladium Seg Q: Cannot think; the more thought he puts upon a thing the more fatigue he has and the further away that thing seems to be; the more he attempts it the less concentrated is the mind upon a subject. Forgetfulness in persons who are mentally and physically prostrated. Nervous fantastic things run through the remedy showing its relation to neurasthenic and hysterical patients. 

Quercus Glan Spiritus Q: Antidotes effects of Alcohol. Vertigo; with noises in head. Takes away craving for alcoholics

Avena Sativa Q: Best tonic for debility after exhausting diseases. Nerve tremors of the aged, alcoholism, sleeplessness especially of alcoholics. Inability to keep mind on any one subject. 

Daphne Indica Q: Sudden, lightning jerks in different parts of the body. Helps to lower the Craving for tobacco. Burning in stomach.

Dosage of Healwell Antox Drops

15-20 drops diluted in 1/2 tablespoonful of water 3 to 5 time in a day. In acute cases 4 time in a day or as prescribed by the physician.

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