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Conium maculatum 1M Boiron 20 ml


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Conium maculatum 1M By Boiron

Conium maculatum 1M Boiron 20 ml.

An old remedy, rendered classical by Plato's graphic description of its employment in the death of Socrates. The ascending paralysis it produces, ending in death by failure of respiration, shows the ultimate tendency of many symptoms produced in the provings, for which Conium is an excellent remedy, such as difficult gait, trembling, sudden loss of strength while walking, painful stiffness of legs. etc. Such a condition is often found in old age, a time of weakness, languor, local congestions, and sluggishness. This is the special environment that Conium choose to manifest its action. It corresponds to the debility, hypochondriasis, urinary troubles, weakened memory, sexual debility found here. Trouble at the change of life, old and bachelors. Growth of tumors invite it also. General feeling as if bruised by blows. Great debility in the morning in bed. Weakness of body and mind, trembling, and palpitation. Cancerous diathesis. Arterio-sclerosis. Caries of sternum. Enlarged glands. Acts on the glandular system, engorging and indurating it, altering its structure like scrofulous and cancerous conditions. Tonic after grippe. Insomnia of multiple neuritis.


Dose of Boiron Conium maculatum is as directed by physician


Conium maculatum 1M Boiron is available in 20 ml

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