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Sweet Almond Oil
Almond Oil has multiple health benefits including anti-inflammatory, immunity- boosting and anti-hepatotoxicity properties. It also reduces hypertrophic scarring, smooths and rejuvenates skin. It is also used to improve complexion and tone of skin.

Ingredient for cakes, muffins & soups
Ingredient for cakes, muffins & soups
Taken as a nutrient with hot milk

Health Benefits:
Good for babies’ bone development
Relieves pain and muscles stress
Promotes healthy and strong nails
Promotes long eyelashes
Skin Benefits:
Makes skin healthier
Reduces dark circles
Delays signs of aging
Removes impurities and dead skin cells
Good solution for Psoriasis And Eczema
Reduces tanning
Works on wrinkles and fine lines
Hair Benefits:
Long and healthy hair
Gets rid of split ends
Can substitute shine enhancers and conditioners
Treats dandruff
Reduces scalp inflammations

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