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SBL Adonis vernalis Q 30 ml


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Information about SBL Adonis Vernalis Mother Tincture Q

Adonis vernalis mother tincture is prepared from the fresh plants (without roots). This remedy is most useful for heart related symptoms. It is used as a cardiac (heart) tonic.
It is used for the following conditions
Heart complaints beginning after influenza and when the muscles of the heart are thickened and its pumping is affected (cardiac rheumatism).
Precordial pain, palpitation and dyspnœa
Pulse rapid and irregular
Giddiness (Vertigo) with increase in heart beat
Pressing pain in the heart region
Difficulty in breathing
Passage of very little urine, only a few drops e.g. urine infection, urine retention
There is a general swelling in the body because of heart complaints
Eyes are swollen
Legs are also swollen (edema)
Swelling in the stomach (Ascites)
Because of water accumulation in the lungs there is difficulty in breathing and desire to take long breaths with pain in the chest.
15 drops of Adonis Vernalis mother tincture in half a cup of normal water twice a day until symptoms disappear for 3 months or as prescribed by physician. Can be taken with allopathic medicines.

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