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Dysento Elixir syrup Wheezal


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Diarrhoea & Dysentery

Other Indications

  • All stages of diarrhoea and dysentery.
  • Diarrhoea in jaundice.
  • Ineffectual urging for stool.
  • Amoebiasis & soreness in anus
  • Copious white shredding masses in stool.

Action of Composition used

  • Colchicum A Q: Dysentery; stools contain while shreddy particles in large quantities. Ineffectual pressing; feels feces in rectum, but cannot expel them.
  • Aloes Q: Lumpy, watery stool. Jelly-like stools, with soreness in rectum after stool. A lot of mucus, with pain in rectum after stool. Burning in anus and rectum. 
  • Merc. cor. 6x: Dysentery; tenesmus, not relieved by stool; incessant. Stool hot, bloody, slimy, offensive, with cutting pains and shreds of mucous membrane.  Bloated; very painful to least touch.
  • Nux Vom. Q: Frequent small evacuations. Scanty stool, with much urging. Dysentery, stools relieve pains for a time. Constant uneasiness in rectum. Diarrhea, with jaundice 
  • Colocynth Q: Dysenteric stool renewed each time by the least food or drink. Jelly-like stools. Musty odor. Distention. Agonizing cutting pain in abdomen.


Child : 1 teaspoonful 3 time in a day

Adult: 2 teaspoonful 1-3 hourly as per severity of the ailment or as prescribed by the physician.

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