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Enuroplant Drops

Dr. Willmar Schwabe Germany

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Enuroplant Drops from Schwabe is a German homeopathic medicine which is very useful in cystitis. It relieves the symptoms of urinary infection and pain related to it.  It is proven German Homeopathic formula which acts on urinary system. It can be given for bed wetting in children.  It can cure inflammation of the urinary bladder.


Cystis (urine infection in bladder) and related pain, frequent urination, bed wetting (Enuresis nocturna) and complaints caused by irritations and inflammations of the urinary bladder.


Plantago Major Q 20.0

It is very good remedy when patient has difficulty in urination. It is suited to a person who is very depress and depression lead to lack of sleep. It is given when patient has profuse urination. It is very good remedy when patient has profuse urination at night.

Equisetum Arv Q 20.0

It mainly acts on urinary bladder. It is very useful remedy for difficulty in urination. It is very good remedy for severe dull pain with a feeling in the bladder. This feeling is not relieved by urination. It cures frequent urge with severe pain when patient stops urination. It can be given when urine flows only drop by drop. It is associated with sharp burning pain in the urethra when patient starts urination. It can also be given when child has frequent passing of urine with dreams when passing urine. It cure frequent passage of urine in old women with involuntary stools. It is given when difficulty in urination and retention is seen during pregnancy and after delivery. It cures pain in right kidney extending to lower abdomen with urgent desire to pass urine.

Belladonna 3x 10.0

It is very good remedy when patient has collection of urine in bladder which results in urinary tract infections. It can be given when patient has scanty urine with frequent urination, dark urine, sometimes turbid. It is given for cystitis. It cures frequent urge to pass urine with continuous dripping. It can be given for blood in urine. It is very useful for prostatic enlargement.

Pulsatilla 3x 10.0

It is given when patient has increased desire to pass urine and this situation get worse when lying down. It can be given when patient has burning during and after passing urine. It can cure involuntary urination at night, when coughing or passing flatus. It can cure spasmodic pain in the bladder after passing urine.

Excipients Qs To 100.0


The recommended dosage of medicine is 10 to 20 drops (Adult) and 5 to 10 drops (Children and infants) of Schwabe Enuroplant Drops three times a day.


20 ml glass bottle

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