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Wheezal UrtiTex Tablets(75 tabs)


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Allevates Inverterate hives

Other Indications

  • Hives associated with Multiple joint pains after taking pain killers
  • Allergic reactions in bee 
  • Angioedema of face, eyelids, lips, mouth and throat.

Action of composition used

  • Urtica Urens 3X:  Urticaria, burning heat, with formication; violent itching. Erythema, with burning and stinging. Itching and stinging. Burns and scalds. 
  • Apis mell 3x:  Swellings after bites; sore, sensitive. Stinging. Sudden puffing up of whole body. 
  • Antipyrinum 3X:  Intense pruritus, urticaria, appearing and disappearing suddenly, with internal coldness  
  • Fragaria Vesca 3X: Urticaria; petechial and erysipelatous eruptions. Swelling of whole body. 


Adult- 2 tablets thrice daily

Children- 1 tablet thrice daily or as prescribed by the physician.

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