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Abrotanum 30 CH 30 ml SBL


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Abrotanum 30 CH 30 ml by SBL

Abrotanum 30 CH 30 ml SBL


Clinical.Boils. Chilblains. Epilepsy. Gout. Hæmorrhoids. Hectic fever. Hydrocele. Indigestion. Lienteria. Marasmus. Myelitis, chronic. Nose-bleed. Paralysis. Rheumatism. Umbilicus, oozing from. Worms.

Characteristics.The most prominent symptom of Abrotanum is the wasting it causes, most marked in lower extremities. It has also an intense indigestion and morbid appetite. There are burning, gnawing, constricting pains, and sometimes vomiting of offensive matters. A peculiar sensation is as if the stomach were hanging or swimming its water. After a checked diarrhœa, rheumatism may ensue. Another great characteristic of Abrotanum is metastasis; metastatic rheumatism. Metastasis of rheumatism from joints to heart; to spine. There is a sudden aching pain in back > by motion. Symptoms are < at night and in cold air. The face is wrinkled, pale, old-looking; feels cold; blue rings round eyes. It is suited to affections of newborn children, and especially little boys; hydrocele; epistaxis; emaciation. Oozing of blood and moisture from navel of newborn. I have cured with it indigestion with vomiting of large quantities of offensive fluid in a middle-aged woman.


Take Abrotanum 30 CH as directed by Physician


Abrotanum 30 CH SBL is available in 30ml glass pack

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