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Acid benzoic 6CH 30 ml


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Acid benzoic 6CH by Allen

Acid benzoic 6CH very effective in reducing serum Uric acid levels

Benzoicum Acidum has marked action in treating conditions like gout, tendonitis, ganglion and rheumatism. All the joints are affected but mostly knee. Pains go from left right. Rheumatism and gout caused due to suppressed gonorrhoea and syphillis. Pains tearing, stitching in large joints especially of big toe. Pains suddenly change their location. Gouty concretions with nodosities in joints, due to deposition of uric acid. There are cracking sounds in the joints. Rheumatism alternating between the extremities. 

Benzoicum Acidum is also useful in ganglion of wrist and bunion of great toe. Benzoicum Acidum is also indicated in urinary troubles. It is useful in nocturnal enuresis of delicate children and also in old men having enlarged prostrate gland. There is catarrh of bladder after suppressed gonorrhoea. Urine is dark, brown and scanty with strong smell. There is excessive uric acid in urine. 


Acid benzoic 6CH is Indicated in:-

Effective in rheumatic and gouty conditions associated with urinary problems



As directed by the physician 



Acid benzoic 6CH is available in 30 ml glass bottle


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