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Acid salicylic 6CH By Allen

Acid salicylic 6CH Useful in AVN

Common Name: Salicylic Acid

  • Salicylic acid is found in nature in the leaves and barks of Willows, in Oil of Wintergreen (Gaultheria), which is one of the chief sources of its supply, and is obtained synthetically from Carbolic acid. 
  • Like Carbo-ac. it has been largely used as a disinfectant, and as it is supposed to be non-poisonous it is used for mixing with and so preserving foods.
  • The property of preventing foot-sweat is by no means an unmixed boon, and serious illness has resulted from Salicylicum acidum.
  • Consequently in homeopathic practice Salicylicum acidum has been found an excellent remedy for affections following suppression of foot-sweat.
  • Salicylicum acidum has a specific relation to joint pain, but the massive doses given in ordinary practice have been attended with so many unpleasant symptoms.
  • Salicylicum acidum patients complaint of vital depression, fainting, flatulent dyspepsia, delirium.
  • Like Carbolic acid and other disinfectants, Salicylicum acidum produces fermentative dyspepsia, and diarrhoea with putrid-smelling stools, and it meets dynamically blood-poisoning conditions, such as high body temperature and septicaemia.
  • The symptoms are worse by touch, Worse by motion, At night, By cold air or touch of anything cold.
  • Better by hot applications, especially by dry heat.


  • Suppression (foot-sweat).


  • Anxiety, worrying, restless, yet mild. Melancholic, wants to be quiet, feels faint.
  • Excited mood, Delirium, stupid, can hardly collect his ideas, then laughed without cause, talked incessantly and disconnectedly.


  • Dullness of head, stupefaction. Vertigo, inclines to fall, surrounding objects seem to fall.
  • Rush of blood to head. Severe headache, piercing in both temples.
  • Headache commencing on top or back of head, running down sternomastoid (more right side), which is tender to touch.


  • Diminished acuteness of vision.


  • Hearing diminished, Nervous deafness, Deafness with noises (roaring) in ears.
  • Roaring in ears and difficult hearing, hears music, swarm of bees or buzzing of flies, rush of blood to head, excited mood. Tinnitus accompanying the head symptoms.


  • Sneezing, Incipient catarrh, patients, especially children, sneeze all day.


  • Dull, heavy aspect, face flushes quickly on slight excitement.


  • Burning in mouth and epigastric region. Burning and scraping in mouth and throat.
  • Redness of mouth and fauces, tongue covered with burning vesicles.
  • Foul breath and offensive expectoration. Mouth dotted with white patches, burning, scalded feeling, ulcers on tip of tongue.
  • Canker-sores with burning soreness and fetid breath.
  • Taste: extremely disgusting, as of something burnt, bitter, bitter bilious, that cannot be got rid of, food has no taste.


  • Burning in throat, Scraping in throat causing cough, difficulty in swallowing.
  • Tonsils red, swollen, studded white.


  • Nausea, gagging, water brash. Frequent vomiting.
  • Burning in epigastric region. Weak, nervous sensation in stomach.


  • Abdominal distension. Ulceration of bowels.
  • Violent, constant pressure in abdomen, with feeling of incarcerated flatus, associated with constipation.

Stool and Anus

  • Diarrhoea: stools green, flushes easily as in hectic, acid, sour, or putrid smelling, stool dry, hard, then diarrhoea, watery, sour, yellow, with great weakness.

Urinary Organs

  • Urine: scanty, clear, brown, three hours after passage has a green tinge, and a feathery deposit of crystal of Salicyluric acid, if these are removed the urine at once becomes putrid, if left, urine remains fresh for a week.

Female Sexual Organs

  • Salicylicum acidum is indicated for the complaint of frequent hot flushes, irritability, forgetfulness, dull, heavy pain in cerebellum.

Respiratory Organs

  • Respiration hurried, sometimes deepened, sometimes shallow or sighing and almost panting, as if labored, but no complaint of difficulty of breathing.
  • Dry cough of a hard, racking, spasmodic character, worse at night in old people.


  • Spasmodic, fetid bronchitis, gangrene of lungs.
  • Firmly seated pressure at side of sternum as large as the hand, with feeling as if the bone was sore.


  • Pulse small, rapid, weak.


  • Heat, redness, soreness, and swelling about joints, worse in knees, with acute, piercing pains, worse on motion, better from dry heat.
  • Soreness and pain in right deltoid and right gastrocnemius, changing next day to left wrist and forearm, worse touch and movement.

Upper Limbs

  • Joint pain, occurring in some women during climaxis, the pains disappeared, the engorgements of fingers subsided, and the hands could again be used.

Lower Limbs

  • After suppressed foot-sweat, rheumatic pains, worse at night, after an hour's sleep forced to get up, pain in course of left sciatic nerve, drawing burning, "as if foot were in an ant-hill", as if it would like to perspire.
  • Copious foul-smelling foot-sweats. (Applied locally it brings away corns.)


  • Yawning, Frequently waked from sleep thinking he heard music


  • Weakness, faintness. Deprives bone of its lime salts.
  • Skin red, points like flea-bites. Skin red and sensitive.
  • Urticaria is relieved by Salicylicum acidum.


Take 5 drops in half cup of water three times a day.

You can also medicate the globules and take 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

Side effects of  Acidum Salicylicum

There are no such side effects. But every medicine should be taken following the rules as given. 

We recommend you to take under physicians guidance.


Acid salicylic 6CH is available in 30 ml pack

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