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Acidum nitricum 1M Boiron 20 ml


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Acidum nitricum 1M By Boiron

Acidum nitricum 1M Boiron 20 ml.

  • Selects for its special seat of action the outlets of the body where the mucous membrane and skin meet; these pain as from splinters.
  • Sticking pains. Marked improvement of all symptoms while riding in a carriage.
  • Acts best on the dark complexioned and past middle life. Syphilis, after abuse of Mercury.
  • Pains appear and disappear quickly (Bell). Hydrogenoid constitution. Sycotic remedy.
  • Blisters and ulcers in mouth, tongue, genitals; bleed easily.
  • Fissures, with pain during stool, as if rectum were torn.
  • All discharges very offensive, especially urine, feces, and perspiration. Persons who have chronic diseases, and take cold easily and disposed to diarrhœa.
  • Excessive physical irritability.
  • Cachexia, due to syphilis, scrofula, intermittent fever with liver involvement and anæmia, etc. Gravel; arthritis.
  • Capillary bleeding after curettage.

Dose of Boiron Acid Nitricum is as directed by physician


Acidum nitricum 1M Boiron is available in 20 ml 

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