Akne-sor Soap B&T

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Akne-sor Soap By B&T

Akne-sor Soap Useful for Acne

Akne-sor Soap BT is a powerful formula specially developed for providing a clear skin. It helps in conditions of pimples, inflammation, itching and flaking on regular use. 


Akne-sor Soap B&T is available in 75 gms

Composition of Aknesor Soap BT

* Berberis aquifolium is used for Pimply, dry, rough, scaly. Eruption on scalp extending to face and neck. Psoriasis. Acne. Dry eczema
* Cardiospermum is known for flaky eruptions like psoriasis, Eruptions that are allergic in nature. Eczema. Urticaria, redness
* Echinacea angustifolia boosts up the immunity and protects the skin from various infections.  Research establishes it as immune stimulant against both virus and bacteria, is antifungal, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, wound healing drug.
* Aloe vera reduces the inflammation and itching

Direction For Use

Apply Akne-sor Soap on the skin, rub gently and produce foam, let the foam remain for one minute and then wash. In case of acne, the soap may be used for 2-4 times in a day for washing face.


 Akne-sor Soap BT is available in 75 gram packing

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