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Allergin Drops Bhargava

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Allergin Drops by Bhargava

Allergin Drops Bhargava Allergin Minims is a homeopathic medicine that is taken to overcome allergy in eyes and nose, allergic rhinitis & conjunctivitis.


Allergic Rhinitis,


Hay Fever


Composition of Alllergin drops : Ambrosia 30, ApisMellifica 3X, Aralia Racemosa 6X, Cistus Can.30X, Euphrasia 3X, Natrum Muriaticum 30.
Pharmacological And Clinical Notes :
Ambrosia: Hay fever, lachrymation and intolerable itching of the eye-lids.
Apis Mellifica: Nose red, swollen, inflamed with sharp pain. Eye-lids swollen, red and oedematous.
Aralia Racemosa: Hay fever. Frequent sneezing with copious watery and irritant flow of excoriating nasal discharge of salty acrid taste.
Cistus Can: Cold feeling or burning in nose. Chronic catarrh, frequent and violent sneezing in the evening and morning.
Euphrasia: Catarrhal affections of mucous membranes especially eyes and nose. Profuse, fluent coryza with violent cough and abundant expectoration.
Natrum Muriaticum: Violent, fluent coryza. Tears stream down face on coughing.


Dose of Allergin Drops Bhargava is 10-15 drops in 1/2 cup of water or as directed by the physician


Allergin Drops Bhargava is available in 30 ml pack

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