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Arthasol Tablets Healwell


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Indications of Healwell Arthasol Tablet

  • Pain in joints with swelling
  • Tenderness with muscle stiffness
  • Limitation of joint movement

Action of Ingredient in Healwell Arthasol Tablet

Calc. Phos. 6x: Pains accompanied with numbness, cramps, cold sweat, Calcarea Phos gives best results.

Ferrum Phos. 6x: For joint pains, with  feelings of heat and fullness in the affected joints.

Kali phos. 6x: Cramps in thighs, calves and soles. Heaviness of upper limbs, lower limbs and feet. It is helpful in hip joint disease. 

Natrum phos. 6x: COmplaints of Joint pains associated with acidity complaints.

Mag. phos. 6x: Pains coming on periodically, being very acute, darting, or shooting along the course of the nerve is helped  by Mag Phos.

Berberis Vul. 4x: All Berberis pains radiate, are not worse by pressure, but worse in various attitudes, especially standing and active exercise. Intense weariness and lameness of legs after walking a short distance.

Causticum 6x: Painful stiffness of the back and sacrum, especially on rising from a chair is an indication of Causticum.

Rhododendron chry 4x: Rheumatic tearing in all limbs, Pains in bones in spots, and reappear by change of weather. 

Rhus tox 4x: Rhus affects fibrous tissue markedly-joints, tendons producing pains and stiffness. Pains mostly in cold season. Hot, painful swelling of joints. Rheumatic pains spread over a large surface at nape of neck, loins, and extremities; better motion

Dosage of Healwell Arthasol Tablet

2 tab 3 times a day

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