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Healwell B-Tone Drops

Indications of Healwell B-Tone Drops

  • Daily health supplement
  • Poor digestion in children
  • Poor growth due to milk intolerance
  • Griping pain and intestinal colic, Improves digestion & griping problems
  • Tardy dentition, irritability in children

Action of Ingredients in Healwell B-Tone Drops

Calc. Phos. 6x: In children who are late to walk, Slow walking; neck too thin and weak to support head, Rickets, Calcarea Phos gives good results. 

Ferr. Phos. 3x: It gives strength and toughness to the circular walls of the blood vessels

Kali Phos. 4x: Constipation with difficult passage of stools.

Chamomilla 5x: Angry, irritable, Children want to be carried.  

Cina 3x: Worm remedy, itching at anus, crampy pains, grinding teeth, convulsion

Iodium 3X: Cutting pain in abdomen is resolved with Iodium.

Cup. Oxid. Nig. 3X: Convulsions in children due to worm infection.

Cypripedium 3X, Chelone 3X, Cataria Napeta 2x

Dosage of Healwell B-Tone Drops

6 months to 1 year : 5 drops twice daily. 

1 year to 3 years:5 drops four times daily. 

3 years & above : 10 drops four times daily

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