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Bach Flower Cerato

New Life

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New Life Bach Flower Cerato (30ml)
Low confidence, cannot take decision, Quiet and foolish
Bach Flower Cerato
Seeks advice & Confirmation from others

Doubts own ability.
Seeks advice from one and all, often influenced and misguided by advice of others which can cause dissatisfaction but needs their attention.
Lacks confidence in own judgment.
Distrusts own convictions. Changeable. Foolish.
Talkative. Always asking questions.
Has tendency to imitate.
This Bach flower remedy (Cerato) is for those who distrust their own judgment.

When they make a decision they question it and often ask the opinion or advice of others as a form of reassurance and confirmation. Bach Flower Cerato people can be swayed by the thoughts and ideas of those whose opinion they seek and as a result may take the wrong path. They may say, "I knew, I should have done so and so", or, they might ask the advice of every friend, asking, "What shall I do?", "What would you do if you were me?", and then having absorbed all the answers decide to do it their own way after all. Bach Flower Cerato people waste so much time in making a decision and because of this habit, they may miss out on many opportunities. Bach Flower Cerato personality in short lacks confidence in their judgment; once they have made up their mind, they do have the confidence to take up the challenge and often succeed.
Courtesy: Bach Flower Remedies for Everyone by Farokh J. Master

Human Indication of Bach Flower Cerato
When you do not trust your own judgment in decision-making

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