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Bach Flower Oak

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Bach Flower Oak
Despondent but struggles on

Overworks and hides tiredness. Plodders. Despondency leading to despair. Obstinate, relentless effort, although it may have become useless; could eventually result in nervous breakdown.
The Bach Flower Oak people are brave, and fight adversity, difficulties and illness without loss of hope. They persevere and are ceaseless in their effort to find cure when unwell.
(Although this is a positive description-it is when the inner strength beings to wane and collapse thus creating tiredness and signs of losing the battle that OAK is needed)
People belonging to Bach Flower oak personality are strong, reliable, patient, responsible people who shoulder great burdens without complaint. They are plodders who persevere in spite of setbacks, never giving up hope. Their unceasing efforts and obstinacy may lead to exhaustion and owing to their willingness to take on more than they can manage and then keep going through all difficulties they can eventually come to a point to breakdown. Ill-health causes dissatisfaction and despondency since it brings limitation. For those who never stop trying however hopeless their situation is Oak Bach flower remedy helps them to rebuild their strength.

Courtesy: Bach Flower Remedies for Everyone by Farokh J. Master

Human Indication of Bach Flower Oak
When you are exhausted, but keep struggling on.

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