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Bach Flower Willow

New Life

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New life Bach flower Willow

Resentment-bitterness-self pity-blames everyone but himself "I have not deserved this misfortune; why should it happen to me while others get off scot-free?
Begrudges good-fortune, health, happiness or success of fellow men.
Irritable sulky, a "wet blanket" who enjoys spreading gloom and despair. A grumbler. No interest in the affairs of others except to decry and to speak with unkindness. Takes without giving-accepts help as a "right"-ungrateful-alienating.
In sickness, a difficult patient; nothing pleases or satisfies.
Reluctant to admit improvement.
This Bach flower remedy (Willow) is for those whose thought have become so Introspective that they dwell on their misfortune. They feel resentful that life has treated them so badly, wondering what they have done to deserve such hardship. They become wrapped up in self-pity, grumble moan or sulk and when things go wrong, find at hard to look on bright side and forgive and forget. The Bach flower Willow feel very sorry for themselves and find it hard to be cheerful because "there is nothing to be cheerful about" and can only see things from a negative angle. They forget that there is positive idea to every situation. The Bach flower willow remedy therefore helps to lift the sufferer out of this hollow of self-mortification so that he or she may adopt a more optimistic and positive approach to life.

Symptoms may include constant frowning, grumbling, spread a gloom and feeling of negativity, a difficult patient since nothing pleases and reluctance to admit any improvement.

Human Indication of New life Bach flower Willow
When you feel resentment, self-pity and bitterness. You would like to regain a sense of humor and proportion.

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