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Bed Wet pills By Healwell

Bed Wet pills Indicated in Bed Wetting( Nocturnal Enuresis)

Strengthens bladder control 

Involuntary uncontrolled urination during sleep.

Homeopathic relief for bed wetting children.

Controls Bedwetting in Children and Aged, Strengthens Bladder Muscles.

Bedwetting problem in children.


Bed Wet pills is indicated in Bed wetting, Nocturnal enuresis


Ferrum phosphoricum: Urine spurts with every cough. Incontinence.  Polyuria. Diurnal enuresis. 

Atropinium purum: Frequent micturition, Involuntary, but scanty, nocturnal enuresis.

Acidum phosphoricum: Increased frequency of urination, mainly during night. 

Kreosotum: Enuresis in the first part of night. Must hurry when desire comes to urinate. 

Staphysagria: Frequent desire to pass urine, with burning is relieved with help of Staphysagria

Kali: Nervous constitutions. General debility and weakness. 


1 tab 3 times daily


Bed Wet pills is available in 10 gram vial.

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