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BICO 32 Tuberculosis HSL

HSL Haslab

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Indication of Haslab BICO 32 

Reduces Mild to High Temperature with Loss of Appetite & Weight, Dry Cough

Action of Ingredients used in Haslab BICO 32 

Calc Fluorica 3x: Cough with expectoration of tiny lumps of yellow mucus, with tickling sensation and irritation on lying down.  

Calc Phosphorica 3x: Suffocative cough; better lying down. Hoarseness. 

Calc Sulphurica 3x: Catarrh, with thick, lumpy, white-yellow or pus-like secretion. 

Ferrum Phophoricum 3x: Short, painful tickling cough. Croup. Hard, dry cough, with sore chest. Hoarseness. 

Kali Phosphoricum 3x: Short breath on going upstairs. Cough; yellow expectoration. 

Mag Phosphorica 3x: Dry, tickling cough. Spasmodic cough, with difficulty in lying down.  

Natrum phosphoricum 3x: Naso-pharyngeal catarrh, with thick, yellow, offensive mucus. 

Lecithin 3x: Causing marked improvement in nutrition and general improvement. Tired, weak, short breath, loss of flesh 

Directions of use of Haslab BICO 32 

Adults 4 tablets, with lukewarm water 3 to 4 times a day. 

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