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BICO 42 Arthritis HSL

HSL Haslab

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Haslab BICO 42 (Arthritis)

Indication of Haslab BICO 42 (Arthritis)

  • Stiffness & Inflammation of Knee Joints with Swelling & Pain on Movement
  • Joint red, swollen

Action of Ingredients used in Haslab BICO 42 (Arthritis)

Calc Fluorica 3x: Gouty enlargements of the joints of the fingers. Chronic synovitis of knee-joint. 

Calc Phosphorica 3x: Stiffness and pain, with cold, numb feeling, worse any change of weather.  

Ferrum Phosphoricum 3x: Stiff neck. Articular pains in joints.

Mag Phosphorica 3x: Weakness in arms and hands, finger-tips stiff and numb. General muscular weakness. 

Kali Sulphuricum 3x: Pain in nape, back and limbs 

Kali muriaticum 3x: Lightning-like from small of back to feet, Hands get stiff while writing.  

Kali Phosphoricum 3x: Pains, with depression, and subsequent exhaustion. 

Natrum Muriaticum 3x: Painful contraction of hamstrings. Cracking in joints on motion 

Natrum Phosphoricum 3x: Weariness; aching in wrists and finger-joints.  

Silicea 3x: Pain in knee, as if tightly bound. Calves tense and contracted. Pain beneath toes. Soles sore  

Directions of use of Haslab BICO 42 (Arthritis)

4 tablets, with lukewarm water 3 to 4 times a day. 

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