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BIO-INDIA' S Anti Depression Drops

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Bio-India’s Anti-Depression Drops-  4

For Hopelessness, mood swing, over sensitivity, disappointment, loss of sleep

Other name: Complex Anti-Depression Drops-  4


Indications of Complex Anti-Depression Drops-  4

In cases of depressed mood, mood swings,  over sensitivity and disorders resulting from  shock, fear or disappointment.


Mode of Action of Ingredients in Complex Anti-Depression Drops - 4

Ambra grisea:  Emotional disturbances, Sexual neurasthenia, Heart sensations in older persons with     general hypersensitivity and insomnia.

Aurum m.  Fear, depression and congestion, after grief, disappointment and contradiction; aggravated at night, from cold, better from movement

Somniferum papaver:  After shock, fear and insomnia; brain paralysis with vascular congestion, heat, stupor, increased respiration, heavy perspiration and enteroparalysis.

Strychnos ignatia:  Characteristic mood changes, changeable temperament in sensitive, melancholic tupes; after a fright, grief, anger, globus hystericus. 

Better from eating, aggravated by contradiction; aggravated at night, from cold, better from movement.


Dosage of Complex Anti-Depression Drops – 4

20  drops  dissolved  in  water  3  times  a  day, for prophylaxis 10 drops 2 times a day or as prescribed by your physician.

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