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Bio-India's Complex Stomach Drops

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Bio-India’s Stomach Drops-1

For Stomach pain, Feeling of fullness, Indigestion, Gastritis

Other name: Complex Stomach Drops -  1

Indications of Complex Stomach Drops-1(Bio-India’s Stomach Drops-1)

For complaints of Gastrointestinal disturbances due to disorders of secretion & motility such as eructation, flatulence, feeling of fullness,  gastrointestinal spasms, nervous stomach pain.

Mode of Action of Ingredients in  Complex Stomach Drops -1 (Bio-India’s Stomach Drops-1)

Atropa b. : Atropa  b. as a powerful  antispasmodic  against  gastrointestinal   spasms.

Carum carvi: The  broad  spectrum  of  action of the preparation  is rounded off  with  Carum carvi  (acts against flatulence)

Matricaria chamomilla:  Matricaria  chamomilla,  with  its  antiinflammator and  spasmolytic effects, fits harmoniously into the balanced composition of the preparation.

Centaurium: Centaurium promote gastric motility and tone.

Gentiana lutea: Gentiana lutea is a strong natural bitter that stimulates the taste receptor cells and the secretion of saliva and gastric juice.

Mentha p. :  Mentha  piperita  exerts  mainly a spasmolytic effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Its excretion combined  with the  bile  has  a  beneficial  antiseptic effect.  Mentha  piperita  has  a  slightly  anaesthetizing effect  on  the  gastric mucosa and is also  mildly  antiseptic in  abnormal  inflammatory  processes  in  the stomach.

Dosage of Complex Stomach Drops -  1(Bio-India’s Stomach Drops-1)

Unless  otherwise  prescribed  by  your  doctor,  20  drops  dissolved  in  water  3  times  a  day, for prophylaxis 10 drops 2 times a day.

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