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Ldd Bioscience Bonnie Fab
Bonnie Fab is an ideal tonic for children which promotes growth, helps in proper assimilation and removes digestive disorders like Colic and Gripe Pain.

Uses of Ldd Bioscience Bonnie Fab
Action of Ingredients in Ldd Bioscience Bonnie Fab
Ferrum phosphoricum: Ferrum phos cell salts do not cause constipation as many iron supplements do, thus this way it proves beneficial in dealing with digestion and colic problems in children.Due to its properties many Homeopaths also term it as children’s antibiotic.

Kali Mur: Kali mur is a tissue salt found in human muscles, blood cells and other parts of body. Kali Mur is helpful for children health problems where the body feels sluggish, run-down, and fatigued, it also works for proper digestion absence of which can be the cause of colic, acidity and heart burn, thus acts to keep diarrhea and other stomach problems in children.

NatrumPhos: It provide relief from heartburn, upset stomach, and sleeplessness due to indigestion, which children can face due to many reasons. It is useful in Colic, with symptoms of worms and it helps in keeping Jaundice at bay in children.

CalcareaPhos: Calcarea phos is most important for nutrition and growth and so it is very essential for not only early childhood but also in later years of growing at times like dentition and at puberty when there is accelerated growth. It gives strength to bones and teeth.

Silicea: Silicea aids in strengthening the body and the mind. It is also effective in all seasonal allergies thus providing good immunity over seasonal ups and downs. It is also helpful in gastro-Esophageal Reflux problems in children.

Alfalfa: It acts an overall body giving health benefits. It acts by strengthening kidney function not only in children but also in adults, it is useful in detoxifying body and purifying the blood. It also gives immunity over allergic and asthmatic problems.

Dosage of Ldd Bioscience Bonnie Fab
Child: 1 teaspoonful 3 to 4 time in a day

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