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Brenmax Syrup (115ml) LDD Bioscience

LDD Bioscience

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Ldd Bioscience Brenmax Syrup
Brenmax Syrup is specialized Homoeopathic formula which aids in improving the memory and many other functions of the brain.

Uses of Ldd Bioscience Brenmax Syrup
For Enhancing Memory and Concentration, Examination Fears, Lethargy
Important tonic to maintain strength of mind and memory
Avena sativa: Has a selective action on brain and nervous system, favorably influencing their nutritive function. Best for debility, weakness after exhausting diseases. Useful in Sleeplessness.

Alfalfa: Influences nutrition, evidenced in toning up the appetite and digestion resulting in greatly Improved mental and physical vigor, with gain in weight.

Acid phosphoricum: Impaired memory. Indifferent, Difficult comprehension. Indicated and physical debility of the young people.

Anacardium orientalis: Loss or weak memory, the patient is depressed and irritable. Aversions to work, lacks self-confidence.Kali phosphoricum: Mental breakdown after enormous mental exertion.

Passiflora Incarnata: Has a quieting effect on the nervous system. Insomnia, produces normal sleep, no disturbance of cerebral functions

Melilotus Officinalis: Unable to fix mind. Memory loss of. Wants to run away and hide. Loss of confidence.

Cinchona Officinalis: Debility, weakness from exhausting discharges, from loss of vital fluids. Ideas crowded in mind.

Withania Somnifera: Restore vitality in those suffering from overwork or nervous exhaustion; counters debility that accompanies long-term stress Sarsaparilla: Sensitive, easily offended, ill humored and no desire to talk.

Damiana: Acts as a stimulant and tonic.

Dosage of Ldd Bioscience Brenmax Syrup
Adult: 10ml 3 to 4 times a day

Children: 5ml 3-4 times a day or as directed by the physician.

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