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Casliphos-Plus Syrup (200ml) Healwell


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Healwell Calsiphos-Plus Syrup
spinal weakness, bonefracture, rickets, painful dentition
Healwell Calsiphos-Plus Syrup
A homeopathic product useful in complaints of bones, and overall improvement of health.

Indications of Healwell Calsiphos-Plus Syrup
Helps to build strong bones.
It is useful even during pregnancy and while nursing.
Useful for brittle nails, loss of hair.
Improves assimilation of iron for healthy blood.
Also in people who have excess acidity complaints can be given this tablet
Strengthen bone and reduce risk of fracture besides maintaining tissue elasticity.
Fortifies (protects) the bones of the patient who suffer from bone problems
It improves sluggish development of bones and teeth as well as throbbing joints and bones, for instance, backache, fractures that are slow to heal and hurting teething in children
Dosage of Healwell Calsiphos-Plus Syrup
Take 1 table spoon everyday 2 times a day half hour after meals.

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