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Charmskin Ointment Wheezal


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Charmskin Ointment By Wheezal

Charmskin Ointment Wheezal for skin problems

Wheezal Charmskin Cream is indicated for Chapped skin, Frost bite and Cracked nipples. Bilsters and Sunburns. Pimples, blotches, Acne, Scars and furuncles.


-Blisters & sunburns.


-Scars & furnaces.

-Chapped skin, frost bite & cracked nipples.


Thuja Occ Q, LedumPal.Q, Cantharis Q,Berb. Aqui Q, Arnica Mont. Q, Zinc Oxide 1x ,Graphites 3x.


How To Use 

Apply 2-3 times in a day on affected area or as prescribed by the physician.

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