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Bakson B25 (Acne Drops)


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Bakson B25 Also Known as Acne drops

Bakson B25 Use ful in Acne and Pimples

Acne is a disorder of the hair follicles and Sebaceous glands. The glands become clogged leading to pimples and cysts. It most often begins in puberty. It is characterized by non inflammatory follicular papules or comedones and by inflammatory papules, pustules and nodules in its more severe forms.


Bakson B25 is indicated in Skin diseases, Pimples, Recurrent boils, Insect Bites, rough and scaly skin, Rash at puberty, Acne, Boils
It treats inflammatory conditions of Sebaceous glands and hair follicles of skin.
It can used for black heads, white heads, comedones


Ammonium brom. 12x: Pains are biting and burning with  redness of skin and burning. Discharges that cause ulcerations. 
Bromium 12x: It helps in acne, pimples and pustules, boils on arms and face. 
Hepar sulph 30x:  It helps the skin to clear faster. Key remedy for teen and adult acne. 
Juglans reg 30x: Comedones and acne of the face. Crusta lactea, with soreness around ears. Itching and eruptions of small red pustules. Scalp red, and itches violently at night. 
Kalium brom 12x: Moist eruptions with slightly elevated, smooth, red patches, like urticaria, but with hardened bases, like erythema nodosum, itching at night in bed and in a high temperature, appearing winter are well treated by kali bromatum.  
Ledum pal. 30x: Red pimples on forehead and cheeks; stinging when touched. Crusty eruption around nose and mouth 
Natrum brom 12x: Papular eruptions on face and acne which indurate are well treated.   
Natrum mur. 200x: Dry eruptions, especially on margin of hairy scalp and bends of joints. 
Viola tricolor 12x: Dry scabs over the whole body, when they are scratched they exude yellow water. Eruption over face (except eyelids) and behind ears, with burning, itching. 


10-15 drops 3 times a day or as directed by physician


Bakson B25 is available in  30 ml glass bottle

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