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Daphne indica Q SBL 30 ml


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Homoeopathy offers safe medicines for de-addiction

• It is specific for tobacco de-addiction helping elimination of associated symptoms such as anxiety, tension, restlessness, frustration, impatience, difficulty in concentration, irritability and depression

• It helps in fetid breath, offensive urine and sweat which are normally found in smoking/tobacco use

• Useful also in the withdrawal symptoms covering irritability, tension, disturbed sleep or drowsiness, pains (usually sudden, electric-like and erratic in nature), lightning jerks in different parts of the body

• Complementary medicines for withdrawal symptoms: Alpha-DP (Digestive problems), Alpha-HA (Headache), Alpha-TS (Anxiety, tension and sleeping disorders), Bacopa monnieri 1x (Difficulty in concentration) and Ginseng 1x (Irritability or depression).


Dosage:  Unless otherwise prescribed, 2 tablets 2-3 times a day. Reduce the dose as symptoms improve. If complaints are not relieved, consult a specialist.Side effects:  No side effects of Schwabe’s Daphne indica 1x are known.  Contraindications and interactions:  No contra-indications and interactions with other drugs for the use of Schwabe’s Daphne indica 1x are known.

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