Elixir Rite (Restorative Tonic) (180ml) LDD Bioscience

Elixir Rite (Restorative Tonic) (180ml) LDD Bioscience

LDD Bioscience

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Ldd Bioscience Elixir Rite (Restorative Tonic)
Elixir Rite is a restorative tonic recommended in convalescence, lack of appetite, anaemia and especially for conditions of fatique.

Uses of Ldd Bioscience Elixir Rite (Restorative Tonic)
A tonic for anemia, tones appetite and digestion.
Improves the power in men, in sexual power deficiency.
Action of Ingredients in Ldd Bioscience Elixir Rite (Restorative Tonic)
Avena sativa Q: Best tonic for debility after exhausting diseases.

China 2x: Complaints of generalised weakness that arise due to exhausting diseases. gastric complaints with flatulence, and compalints leading to weakness are relieved with help of this remedy.

Ginseng Q: Ginseng gives good results in skin complaints of itching pimples over chest and neck. Improves Immune function, liver function, stimulates vitality, works as restorative

Hydrastis Q: Weak muscular power, poor digestion and obstinate constipation. Lumbago. Emaciation and prostration. Its action on the liver is marked.

Alfalfa Q: Acts as a fat producer, corrects tissue waste. Deficient lactation. Increases quality and quantity of milk in nursing mothers. Improves mental and physical vigor, with gain in weight.

Acid formic 4x: Increases muscular strength and resistance to fatigue.

Lecithin 2x: Lecithin has a favorable influence upon the nutritive condition and especially upon the blood hence its use in anemia and recovery from chronic exhaustive diseases suffering from weakness and sleep loss. Increases the number of red corpuscles and amount of hemoglobin. Excellent galactagogue, renders milk more nourishing and increases quantity.

Coca Q: Exhaustion due to mental and physical strain.

Ashoka 2x: Useful in weakness and headache, back pains are relieved quickly.

Manganum acet 2x: Useful in complaints of anemia, where red blood cells are affected.

Dosage of Ldd Bioscience Elixir Rite (Restorative Tonic)
1 tea spoonful 3 times a day or as per direction of physician.

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