Filaria Aid Oil PHL

Filaria Aid Oil PHL


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Filaria Aid Oil by PHL

Filaria Aid Oil For Filaria and Elephantiasis

Filaria Aid oil is a unique remedy for filaria, curative in disorder that exhibit inertial inflammation and cellular proliferation in any part. teasing in arms and hands. stiffness of knees and ankle. hypo gastric region and scrotum. elephantiasis on the legs. orchitis, inflammation of testis.


Filaria, sudden attack with high fever with chill, great swelling of limbs and scrotum. filarial abscess, elephantiasis, inflammation of testis

  •  Sulphur: 1x
  •  Arsenicum Album: 1x
  •  Apis Mellifica: 2x
  •  Hydrocotyl Asiatica: 1x
  •  Elais G: 1x
  • Vegetable Oil

Apply gently on effective area of body 2 times a day or as directed by the physician.


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