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Fraxinus americana 6C Boiron 20 ml


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Fraxinus americana 6C By Boiron

Fraxinus americana 6C Boiron 20 ml.

Enlargement of the uterus. Fibrous growths, subinvolution, and prolapse. Uterine tumors, with bearing-down sensations. Fever sores on lips. Cramps in feet. Cold creeping and hot flashes. Infantile eczema.

Head.--Throbbing pain in back of head. Depression, with nervous restlessness, anxiety. Hot spot on top of head.

Female.--Uterus enlarged, and patulous. Watery, unirritating leucorrhśa. Fibroids with bearing-down sensation, cramping in feet, worse in afternoon and night. Dysmenorrhśa.

Abdomen.--Tenderness in left inguinal region; bearing-down pain, extending down thigh.


Dose of Boiron Fraxinus americana 6Cis as directed by physician


Fraxinus americana 6C Boiron is available in 20 ml 

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