Haslab Jaboran Drops 30ml

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Jaboran Drops strengthens hair to prevent hair fall. It rejuvenates scalp and stimulates hair follicles to controls dandruff and promote hair growth. It also protects hair damage and treats itching or eczema of the scalp.

Symptoms : Alopecia, Hair fall, Hair damage, Dandruff, Promote hair growth, Itching or eczema of the scalp.

Composition :

Acid Phosphoricum 3x : Hair falls out, thins out and turns grey early.

Arnica Montana 3x : It rejuvenates the scalp and make the hair follicles healthy. Prevent hair falling and split ends of hair.

Arsenicum Album 3x : Scalp itches, rough, dirty, covered with dry scales and dandruff. Scalp , very sensitive, cannot brush hair.

Graphites 3x :Herpetic dandruff (dandruff accompanied with eczema or other eruptions). Scalp scaly with itching, Falling of hair.

Jaborandi 3x : A natural hair tonic which helps strengthening hair follicles and prevents hair fall.

Lycopodium 3x : Hair loss after delivery, after menopause, or hair loss due to ovarian dysfunction.

Phosphorous 3x : Itching of scalp, dandruff, falling of hair in large bunches.

Sulphur 3x : Scalp is dry, burning and itchy. Reddish boils appear on the scalp, dandruff is powdery in nature.

Dosage : 10 to 20 drops with little water twice daily or as prescribed by the Physician.

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