Heightex Gold Tablets PHL

Heightex Gold Tablets PHL


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There are many causes that leads to slow increase in height. We need to rule out the cause to improve the condition.

  • In undernutrition, due to a disease or lack of nutrients. In other conditions like hypothyroidism, leading to a lack of essential utilization for proper increase in height. 
  • Chronic Diseases of the lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, or gastrointestinal tract may cause ineffective assimilation and absorption.
  • Conditions that affect the production of collagen and other proteins can also cause a problem of Increase in height.

Hence it is important to know the cause and get checked for the best results.

Indications of Heightex tablets:

Useful for those children who are developing slowing due to weakness from illness and malnutrition. It helps in proper development.

Composition of Heightex tablets:

Baryta Carb

Calcarea Phos


Thuja Occ

Natrum mur

Baryta phos

Dosage/Directions for use of Heightex tablets:

As directed by the Physician 

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