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HSL HC 1 Acid Phos Complex Tabs

HSL Haslab

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Haslab HC 1 (Acid Phos Complex)

Composition : Acid Phos 3x, Agaricus 3x, Anacardium Ori 3x, Nux Vomica 3x.

Dosage : 2 Tablets 3-4 times daily or As prescribed by the physician.

Disease : DEBILITY

Symptoms : Debility from loss of Animal Fluids. Great prostration after lingering fever. Physical weakness and general debility often accompanied by profuse and weakening nights, morning-sweat, irritability, nerviolity. Too quick growing youngsters, weak from over-sexual indulgence, oversternous studies. Spermatorrhoea i.e. loss of semen without sexual excitement, specially when urinating or defecating with Headache.

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