Lachnanthes tinctoria Q Allen 30 ml


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Lachnanthes tinctoria Q By Allen

Lachnanthes tinctoria Q useful for cervical spondylosis

This is one of the best Homeopathic medicine for neck pain and cervical spondylitis. This remedy is prepared by the potentization of the plant commonly known as ‘spirit weed'. It is one of the specific homeopathic medicine for cervical spondylitis and is especially useful in cases with acute pain in the neck region.


Lachnanthes tinctoria Q Stiffness and rheumatism of neck. The neck may get drawn over to one side, usually the right side. Pain in nape of the neck as if dislocated. Chilliness felt in between the shoulder blades. The pain is worse on lying down. The patient feels better from the external warmth and is better by walking about.


Lachnanthes tinctoria Q 10-15 drops 4-5 times in some water daily, or as directed by the physician 


Lachnanthes tinctoria Q 30 ml glass bottle

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