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LDD Bioscience Ld 35 Anasarca Drops
Oedema/ Anasarca is abnormal accumulation of fluid in the Interstitium/tissues of the body. It is a swelling caused by fluid retention. It can occur due to several reasons like, Kidney disease, Heart conditions or any injury, or rheumatic conditions.

Uses of LDD Bioscience Ld 35 Anasarca Drops
Relieves symptoms of fluid retention
Muscular weakness of the heart
Oedema of legs, pulmonary and cardiac dropsy,
marked diuretic action; effective in renal oedema also.
Weakness, Breathlessness
Action of Ingredients in LDD Bioscience Ld 35 Anasarca Drops
Adonis ver. 2x: Spine stiff and aching with oedemantous condition. A heart medicine, valuable where swelling occurs due to heart related conditions.

Convallaria maj. 2x: Increases energy of hearts' action, renders it more regular. Of use when the ventricles are overdistended and dilatation begins.

Cratategus oxy: Produces giddiness, lowered pulse, and air hunger and reduction in blood-pressure. Acts on muscle of heart, and is a heart tonic. Pulse accelerated, irregular, feeble.

Helleborus nig. 4x: Sudden, watery, swelling of skin, Limbs heavy and painful. Stretching of limbs

Squilla 2x: Cardiac stimulant with Involuntary spurting of urine

Dosage of LDD Bioscience Ld 35 Anasarca Drops
10-15 drops should be diluted in water and taken 3 times a day.

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