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LD 49 Gynae Drop

LDD Bioscience

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LDD Bioscience Ld 49 Gynae Drops
Painful conditions resulting from abdominal diseases, pain persists right from vertebral column to the head and then to nostrils also, pain in sacral region is quite common. The pain grow worse when moving but may also be acute when resting or at night. Pain in the sacral region.

Uses of LDD Bioscience Ld 49 Gynae Drops
Painful menses with lameness of back across the sacro-iliac articulation or aching in knees.
Pain across pelvis, from hip to hip.
Aching in sacrum and pubes, with pain in anterior muscles of thighs.
Colicky pains in pelvic organs
Action of Ingredients in LDD Bioscience Ld 49 Gynae Drops
Phytolacca 8x: Menses too copious and frequent. Ovarian neuralgia of right side.
Colocynthis 6x : Boring pain in ovary. Must draw up double, with great restlessness. Round, small cystic tumors in ovaries or broad ligaments.
Aesculus Hipp 6x : Leucorrhoea, dark yellow, sticky corroding; worse after menses.
Stront. Carb. 12x : Menses too early, and of too short a duration. Leucorrhoea while walking.

Cimicifuga Race 4x: Pain in ovarian region; shoots upward and down anterior surface of thighs. Pain immediately before menses. Menses profuse, dark, coagulated, offensive with backache, nervousness; always irregular.
Natrum Chlo. (Mur) 30x : Menses irregular; usually profuse. Vagina dry. Leucorrhoea acrid, watery.
Dosage of LDD Bioscience Ld 49 Gynae Drops
Take 10 drops in 1/4th cup of water 3 times a day or as prescribe by your physician

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