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Liv Aid syrup (115ml) Bakson


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Bakson Liv Aid Syrup (115ml)
Liver Tonic for Fatty Liver, Digestion, Relieve Constipation, Acidity 

About Liv Aid Syrup
A complete Liver tonic:

For Sluggish Liver or Liver malfunctioning.
Medicine of choice for Hepatitis, Hypertrophy of liver & Jaundice.
Associated symptoms of dyspepsia, loss of appetite and pain in abdomen.
Composition of Liv Aid Syrup:
Kalmegh Ø: It helps to support and strengthen the liver. It has been proved to be hepatoprotective drug.

Carica pap. 2x: Useful for liver ailments with fullness of abdomen as if it would burst due to flatulence, uneasy feeling in abdomen. Abdomen distended after taking meals with burning sensation in throat, sour eructation. Spasmodic pain in abdomen with loose, watery, yellowish stool with general weakness, amel.

Myrica ceri. Ø: Liver affections with heart complaints; with Urticaria, with Jaundice.

Chelidonium maj. Ø: Jaundice. Bilious complaints during gestation. Constant pain under the inner, inferior angle of right scapula. Entire skin greyish yellowish with hepatic complaints. Tongue - Thick, yellow coated, indented, with red edges. Stools clay coloured, yellow, hard, round, like a ball, like sheep's dung, with itching of the anus.

Chionanthus vir. Ø: Hepatic derangements, jaundice, enlarged liver with gall stones.

Infants: 5-8 drops twice daily.
Child (below 8 yrs.): Half teaspoon twice daily.
Child (8 yrs.& above): One teaspoon twice daily
Adults : One teaspoon thrice daily.

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