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Lords L 110 Drops


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Lords L 110 Cough Drops

Indication of Lords L 110 Cough Drops

Softens and soothes cough.

Other Indicated symptoms of Lords L 110 Cough Drops

  • Cough that occurs due to Infection.
  • Exposure to Irritants, allergens, that causes cough.

Ingredients used in Lords L 110 Cough Drops

  • Belladonna 
  • Coccus. Cacti
  • Drosera
  • Ipecac
  • Spongia
  • Sticta. Pulm. 
  • Thymus. Serp
  • Bryonia alb

Action of Individual Ingredients used in Lords L 110 Cough Drops

  • Belladonna: Drying in nose, fauces, larynx, and trachea. Tickling, short, dry cough; worse at night. Larynx feels sore. Respiration oppressed, quick, unequal. 
  • Coccus. Cacti: Suffocative cough; worse, first waking, with tough, white mucus, which strangles. Spasmodic morning cough. Whooping cough attacks end with vomiting of this tough mucus 
  • Drosera:   Cough very deep and hoarse; worse, after midnight; yellow expectoration, with bleeding from nose and mouth; retching. Deep, hoarse voice; hoarseness; laryngitis. Rough, scraping sensation deep in the fauces and soft palate. 
  • Ipecac: Constant constriction in chest. Breathlessness. Yearly attacks of difficult shortness of breathing. Continued sneezing; coryza; wheezing cough. Cough incessant and violent, with every breath.  
  • Spongia: Great dryness of all air-passages, Cough, dry, barking, croupy; larynx sensitive to touch. Chest weak; can scarcely talk. 
  • Sticta. Pulm.: Dry, hacking cough during night; worse, inspiration.  Loose cough in morning. Pain through chest from sternum to spinal column. 
  • Thymus. Serp:  Dry nervous breathlessness, whooping-cough, severe spasms but little sputum.  
  • Bryonia Alba : Cough worse by going into warm room.

Dosage of Lords L 110 Cough Drops

 10 Drops with 1/4th cup water 4 times daily. In chronic condition 4-6 times daily. 

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