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Lords L 137 Drops


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Lords L 137 Intercostal Drops (30ml)

Lords L 137 Intercostal Drops (30ml)



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l 137 intercost

Lords L 137 Intercostal Drops

Intercostal neuralgia is a painful disorder of the nerves that run between the ribs, and is caused by damage to one of the nerves and/or loss of function of the nerve. In Intercostal neuralgia, an intense, sharp, shooting pain is felt in the chest, which radiates from the front to the back 

Indication of Lords L 137 Intercostal Drops

 Relief from excruciating pains in Intercostal spaces. 

Other Indications of Lords L 137 Intercostal Drops

 Pain in chest region aggravated during coughing, sneezing, over use of abdominal muscles. 

Action of Ingredients used in Lords L 137 Intercostal Drops

Arsenicum album 12x: Burning pains, ameliorated by warm applications. Midnight aggravations. 

Colocynthis 12x: The neuralgic pains are nearly always relieved by pressure. Cramps, twitching and shortening of muscles. Constrictions and contractions.  

Ranunculus bul. 12x: Organotherapeutic relationship to the chest-wall with violent pains. Neuralgic-rheumatic pain associated with restlessness, ameliorated by constant motion. 

Dosage of Lords L 137 Intercostal Drops

10-15 drops should be diluted in water and taken 3 times a day.  

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