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Lords L 145 Neural Drops

Nerves consist of number of fibres within it that form a system. Hence this system is called as Nervous system. This nervous system is involved in control and the coordination of all the parts of the body. A wide network of nerves is spread throughout our body which also runs through the brain, the spinal cord and many organs. 

Indication of  Lords L 145 Neural Drops

Nervous Irritablility

Other Indications of  Lords L 145 Neural Drops

Restless sleep, Twitching of muscles.

Action of Ingredients used in Lords L 145 Neural Drops

Agaricus mus 12x: Jerking, twitching, trembling, and itching are strong indications 

Ignatia amara 12x: Jerking of limbs. Twitching of muscles of face and lips.  

Lachesis 30x: Tearing pain from zygoma into ear; also with sore throat. Tearing pain in jaw-bones   

Magnesium Phos 12x:  Cramping of muscles with radiating pains. Neuralgic pains 

Phosphorus 30x: Tearing pain in facial bones; circumscribed redness in one or both cheeks. Neuralgia; parts must be kept warm. Burning pains.   

Zincum val 8x: The nervous symptoms of most importance. Trembling, convulsive twitching and fidgety feet.  

Dosage of  Lords L 145 Neural Drops

10-15 drops should be diluted in water and taken 3 times a day. 

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