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Lords L 150 Pleurrisy Drops

Symptoms of pleurisy include pain in the chest, which is aggravated by breathing in, shortness of breath, and local tenderness.  Pleural inflammtion can occur because of different reasons. 

Indication of Lords L 150 Pleurrisy Drops

Breathlessness, pain in intercostal space.

Other Indications of Lords L 150 Pleurrisy Drops

Cough,  Sharp pain in the chest that is worse with breathing. 

Action of Ingredients used in Lords L 150 Pleurrisy Drops

Cimicifuga recemosa 6x: Tickling in throat. Dry, short cough, worse speaking and at night. 

Colocynthis 8x: The neuralgic pains are nearly always relieved by pressure. Cramps and twitching and shortening of muscles. Constrictions and contractions. 

Kalium Carbonicum 6x: Dry, hard cough about 3 am, aggravated right lower chest. 

Natrum Sulphuricum 6x: Dyspnśa, during damp weather. Must hold chest when coughing. Springs up in bed the cough hurts so; holds painful side.

Ranunculus bulb 12x: Various kinds of pains and soreness, as if bruised in sternum, ribs, intercostal spaces,  Tenderness of abdomen to pressure. Muscular pain along lower margin of the shoulder-blade.  

Dosage of Lords L 150 Pleurrisy Drops

10-15 drops should be diluted in water and taken 3 times a day.  

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