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Lords L 161 Sexual Neurasthenia Drops

It is a formulation made for male complaints of sexual weakness having problems like Premature ejaculation, Erectile dysfunction and tiredness and lack of confidence.

Indication of Lords L 161 Sexual Neurasthenia Drops

Lack of Vitality and erection problem. 

Other Indications of  Lords L 161 Sexual Neurasthenia Drops

  • Erectile dysfunction and Ejaculatory dysfunction
  • Dysfunction due to pelvic trauma or spinal cord injury as well as due to prostate gland surgery. 

Action of Ingredients used in Lords L 161 Sexual Neurasthenia Drops

  • Acid Phos: Emissions at night and at stool. Sexual power deficient, testicles tender and swollen. Parts relax during embrace. Weakness with nervous exhaustion.
  • Agnus Castus: It lowers sexual vitality, with corresponding mental depression and loss of nervous energy. No erections. Parts cold, relaxed. Desire gone, scanty emission without ejaculation. Loss of prostatic fluid on straining. Gleety discharge. 
  • Conium M: Desire increased; power decreased. Sexual nervousness, with feeble erection. Testicles hard and enlarged. Effects of suppressed sexual appetite.
  • Damiana: Used in sexual neurasthenia. Sexual weakness from nervous prostration. Incontinence of old people. Chronic prostatic discharge. 
  • Sepia: Organs cold, offensive perspiration, gleet, discharge from urethra only during night no pain. 
  • Cinchona off: Frequent emissions, debility from exhausting discharges. 

Dosage of Lords L 161 Sexual Neurasthenia Drops

10-15 drops should be diluted in water and taken 3 times a day. 

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