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Lords L 166 Teething Aches Drops

teeth complaints can arise out of many causes. Difficult dentition associated with colic, diarrhoea, irritability, gum swelling, drooling of saliva, refusal to feed & delayed dentition, loose stools, vomiting and abdominal pain. Pain around the teeth or jaws as a result a dental cavity, cracked tooth, exposed root, gumboils and related problems. 

Indication of Lords L 166 Teething Aches Drops

Toothaches, Pain and Sensitivity. 

Other Indications of Lords L 166 Teething Aches Drops

Pain due to teeth extraction or cutting, associated Sensitivity is also recovered.

Action of Ingredients used in Lords L 166 Teething Aches Drops

Aconitum nap 6x: It helps in complaints of  Teeth sensitive to cold, gums hot and inflamed, pain in the jaws.  

Bryonia alba 30x: Stitching, tearing pain, worse by motion, jerking toothache. 

Calcarea carb. hahn. 30x: Bleeding of gums, Difficult and delayed dentition. Teeth ache; excited by current of air anything cold or hot is well treated. 

Chamomilla 4x:  Toothache, if anything warm is taken, salivation increased at night time.  

Colocynthis 12x: Neuralgia, with chilliness; teeth seem too long. Pain in stomach, always with pain of teeth or head.   

Ignatia amara 30x: Easily bites inside of cheeks. Constantly full of saliva. Toothache; worse after drinking coffee and smoking.   

Staphysagria 8x: Toothache due to unhealthy and decaying gums. Teeth turn black. Pain worse with hot or cold things. 

Dosage of Lords L 166 Teething Aches Drops

10-15 drops should be diluted in water and taken 3 times a day.  

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