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Mamira Eye Drops HAPDCO


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Hapdco Mamira Eye Drops
Indication of Hapdco Mamira Eye Drops
Protection of eyes from side effects of Pollution.
After overuse of eyes on computer, heat of summer
Various Eye complaints
Action of Ingredients used in Hapdco Mamira Eye Drops
Natrum muriaticum: Burning in eyes. Give out on reading or writing. Eyes appear wet with tears.

Natrum sulphuricum: Conjunctiva yellow. Granular lids.

Camphora: Sensation as if all objects were too bright and glittering. Icy coldness of eyes with watering.

Euphrasia: Acrid lachrymation; bland coryza, Discharge thick and excoriating, Burning and swelling of the lids. Frequent inclination to blink.

Acid Boracicum: Used as an antiseptic disinfectant, since it arrests fermentation and putrefaction

Glycerine: Improve the general state of nutrition, act deeply and long, building up tissue.

Directions of use of Hapdco Mamira Eye Drops
Instill 2 drops in both the eyes 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

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