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Mensoral Syrup (115ml) LDD Bioscience

LDD Bioscience

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Ldd Bioscience Mensoral
Mensoral is a tonic oriented towards restoration of disturbed mensturation cycle. Mensorite very effectively regulates the menstural cycle having stimulating effects on female organs.

Uses of Ldd Bioscience Mensoral
Helps to regulate tardy and delayed menses.
Functional Amenorrhea in young girls with backache
Painful and irregular menstruation
Action of Ingredients in Ldd Bioscience Mensoral
Pulsatilla N. Q: Helps in suppressed menses from wet feet, nervous debility. Tardy menses. Too late, scanty, thick, dark, clotted, changeable, intermittent menses. Useful in amenorrhea.

Pinus Lamb. Q: It has an action on the menstrual function, restoring menses when suppressed, removes painful sensations resulting from suppression.

Gossypium H. Q: Gossypium will relieve tardy menses, especially with sensation that the flow is about to start and yet does not do so. Suppressed menstruation. Menses too watery. Backache, weight and dragging in pelvis.

Caulophyllum t. ร˜: Spasmodic and severe pains, which fly in all directions; shivering, without progress; false pains.

Dosage of Ldd Bioscience Mensoral
1 to 2 tablespooon with water twice a day

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