Menstrol syrup Allen


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Menstrol syrup By Allen

Menstrol syrup Allen


Menstrol is indicated for all menstrual disorders, white discharge, mental colic, pruritus vulvae and habitual abortion.

  • Abroma Augusta Q
  • Aletris Farinosa Q
  • Caulophyllum Q
  • Fraxinus Americana Q
  • Hydrastis Can. Q
  • Pulsatilla Q
  • Viburnum Op. Q
  • Aurum Mur.Nat. 3x
  • Sepia Q
  • Calcarea Ova Testa 3x
  • Thuja Occ. Q
  • Helonias Dioca Q
  • Alumina 3x
  • Alcohol in syrup and sweetener base
  • Mode of Action:

    • Abroma Augusta: White vaginal discharge in diabetic ladies. Thick whitish discharge. Painful menses.
    • Aletris Farinosa: Anaemic, debilitated females who suffer from prolapses, White discharge, rectal distress.
    • Caulophyllum Thalictroides: Late menses.  Painful menses. Vaginal spasms.
    • Fraxinus Americana: Enlargement of the uterus. Fibrous growths. Uterine swellings with bearing down sensation.
    • Hydrastis Canadensis: White discharge  after menses.
    • Pulsatilla Nigricans:  milky thick like cream, acrid, discharge with pain in back and exhaustion.
    • Viburnum Opulus: Heaviness of both sacral and pubic regions, with pains going on from the sacrum around the loins across to the pubic bones and down the thighs.
    • Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum: Uterine swellings. Ossified uterus. Corrosive white discharge with pustules on genitals.
    • Sepia: Irregular menses of nearly every form, with pains going to the back. Dryness of vagina after menses.
    • Calcarea Ova Tosta: White discharge and backache.
    • Thuja Occidentalis: Polyps on vagina and wart-like excrescences. Severe left ovarian pains.
    • Helonias Dioica: Debilitated women who are worn out, after abortion, miscarriages, haemorrhages with prolapse of uterus.
    • Alumina: Menses scanty. After menses - great exhaustion, physically and mentally.
  • 1 or 2 teaspoonful after food, 3 times a day.

Menstrol syrup is available in 100 ml & 200 ml pet bottle

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