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Natrum Sulphuricum 30CH 30 ml SBL


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SBL Natrum Sulphuricum

Common Name: Sodium Sulphate, Sal Mirabile, Soda vitriolata, Glauber's Salt.

Causes & Symptoms for SBL Natrum Sulphuricum

  • Natrum sulph regulates the distribution of water and the flow of bile. It removes the excess of water from the blood. It keeps the bile in normal consistency. 
  • Natrum sulph is the water removing tissue salt. It is helpful for water retention that takes place in the body. An imbalance of sodium sulphate produces swelling in the tissues, dry skin with watery eruptions.
  • Breathlessness brought on by humidity indicates this remedy.
  • The effects of head injuries may be remedied by Natrum sulph.
  • It helps in detoxification (removes toxic products). 
  • Diseases associated with liver, kidney, pancreas, gouty and rheumatic complaints are relieved by Natrum Sulph.
  • Natrum Sulph is well indicated in Liver complaints, jaundice, pancreas and kidneys, and improving high blood sugar.
  • It is useful in Bitter belching, hiccups, gallstones.
  • Vomiting in pregnancy with bitter taste indicates this medicine.
  • It supports the function of the colon, hepato-biliary (LIVER) and lymphatic systems and is indicated for hangovers, morning sickness and cellulite.
  • Profuse yellow mucus, rattling cough and acute humid wheezing is an indication of Natrum Sulph.
  • Minor joint or back pain, especially low back pains that extend downward.
  • Excellent in influenza, high body temperature and ague in all stages with vomiting and other bilious symptoms Natrum Sulph is used well.
  • Removes excess fluids from the body, along with Nat Mur, this salt is excellent for edema or any type of watery swelling in the body.
  • History of warts, over grown tissue has been relieved by Natrum sulph.
  • Natrum Sulph is a great remedy for aches and pains that feel worse in high humidity.


  • Headache in the morning on waking is relieved by it.
  • Convulsions from injuries of the head indicates Natrum sulph.


  • Burning in eyes, sometimes morning and evening, with great dryness, or profuse lachrymation (with discharge of burning water, with dimness of sight) is relieved by Natrum Sulph.
  • It is well indicated for Dimness of sight, from weakness of eyes, Photophobia, especially on waking in morning.


  • It is useful in Piercing pain in right ear inward, lightning-like stitches in ear, worse going from cold air into warm room, worse in damp weather, living on wet ground, etc.
  • Ringing in ears, as of bells, Tinkling in ears is relieved by it.


  • Coryza, with obstruction of nose, which scarcely permits respiration.
  • Nose-bleed, before menses, during menses (in afternoon), stops and return often.
  • It relieves Sneezing, with fluent coryza.


  • It is indicated for Drawing pains in teeth, with looseness, and a sensation as if elongated, better by cold air, and by smoking tobacco.
  • Pulsative, throbbing toothache at night, with great agitation, worse from warm drinks.
  • Toothache, better from holding cold water in mouth indicates Natrum sulph.


  • Sore throat, with painful and obstructed deglutition (urging to swallow saliva) and inflammatory swelling of uvula, Frequent constriction of throat when walking.
  • Constriction and dryness in throat, Accumulation of mucus in throat, worse at night, with hawking up of salt mucus in morning. Ulcers on tonsils are relieved by it.


  • It is indicated in Painful sensitiveness of the hepatic region to the touch, during a walk, or to a sudden jar.
  • Painful digging in abdomen during menses, in evening, followed by thirst indicates Natrum sulph.
  • Flatulent colic, with pinching in abdomen, worse before breakfast, better in afternoon by emission of flatulence are well relieved by this remedy.

Stool and Anus

  • Hard and knotty feces (with pressure), often mixed with blood and mucus.
  • It is indicated for Constant uneasiness in the bowels and urging to stool (chronic diarrhea, tuberculosis abdominalis), After stool, burning at the anus, Itching of the anus.
  • Diarrhea, worse in wet weather, in morning, after vegetables and farinaceous food, also in cold evening air.

Urinary Organs

  • It is helpful in frequent emission of urine, with sediment of a yellow color, or like brick-dust.
  • Burning in urethra, after and during emission of urine, or with pain in the small of back on retaining urine is well relieved by it.

Male Sexual Organs

  • It relieves violent itching in genital organs (glans or penis, obliging one to rub).
  • Sweat on scrotum, in evening, Increased sexual desire indicates this remedy.

Female Sexual Organs

  • Menses scanty, retarded, with colic, and suppressed stools, or hard feces, Headache, and epistaxis, during menses is relieved by it.
  • It is indicated for Leucorrhoea which is acrid, corrosive, parts inflamed, swollen, covered with vesicles, size of lentils, filled with pus (after parturition).

Respiratory Organs

  • It is indicated for a dry cough, excited by a tickling, with roughness of trachea, and sensation of excoriation in chest, worse at night, and better by rising up in bed and holding chest with both hands.
  • Loose cough, with expectoration, shortness of breath, and shooting in left side of chest, when sitting, when yawning, during an inspiration indicates Natrum Sulph.

Neck and Back

  • Stitches in nape of neck at night, Soreness up and down spine and neck is relieved.


  • Painful sensibility of limbs, which feel as if bruised, or fatigued is relieved by it.
  • It is useful in Prostration, tired, weary, especially knees.


  • It is useful in Tearing and shooting, or jerking, or jerking tearings in limbs, and other parts, especially during evening and night.
  • It relieves soreness across abdomen, sides and back.
  • Trembling in body, with spasmodic movements of muscles is checked by Natrum sulph.


  • It is helpful in Itching, and itching pimples, which burn after being scratched.
  • Natrum sulph is useful in Eczema, moist and oozing profusely, Itching while undressing, Wart-like, raised, red lumps all over body.

Side effects of SBL Natrum Sulphuricum

There are no such side effects. But every medicine should be taken following the rules as given. 

Dosage and rules while taking SBL Natrum Sulphuricum

Take 5 drops in half cup of water three times a day.

You can also medicate the globules and take 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

We recommend you to take under physicians guidance.

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