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NL-5 Phos Tonic

New Life

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New life 5 Phos Syrup
Indication of New life 5 Phos Syrup
General Tonic For All Types Of Weakness
Weak Memory, Fatigue Lake Of Vitality
Exhaustion, Weakness Of Bones And Muscles After Long Illness.
Composition of New life 5 Phos Syrup
Calc.Phos.6: Calcarea phos is useful in defective nutrition, whether of childhood, puberty, or of old age.

Kali.Phos.6: Helps to restore the nervous system after overwork, Kali phos is believed to be a nerve nutrient.

Ferrum Phos.6: Supplement majorly used for speedy recovery from diseases.

Mag.Phos.6: Stress, Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Muscle spasms, migraine headaches.

Nat.Phos.6 : Relieves a range of acid-related conditions in all ages and stages of life.

Ashwagandha Q: Restore vitality in those suffering from overwork or nervous exhaustion; counters debility that accompanies long-term stress and because of the high iron content, it is also useful for anemia and related weakness.

Avena Sativa Q : Best for debility, weakness after exhausting diseases. Useful in Sleeplessness.

Alfalfa Q: Helps in improving mental and physical vigor, with gain in weight.

Dosage of New life 5 Phos Syrup
Child: 1 teaspoonful of 5 Phos Syrup 3 times a day

Adult: 1 tablespoonful of 5 Phos Syrup 3 time in a day before meal or as directed by the physician.

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